The Theatre Department presents theatre that matters and continues to resound beyond the performance night. We are committed to presenting theatre that stimulates the minds of our audience members while balancing the highest quality production values with material that is courageous in its content, form and execution.

Our productions are often accompanied by symposiums and talk-back discussions, which reflectively delve into the nuances of the scripted work. Productions are supported by our acting, directing, design, world theatre history and contemporary drama classes.

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Key: DFPH = Duke Family Performance Hall


The 2016-17 season marksthe final one in which we'll enjoy Joseph Tate Gardner, Jr. ‘69 as a colleague.

After the Navy and a Ph.D. from Florida State University, Joe returned to Davidson in 1974, joining his friend Dr. Rupert Barber (and doubling the size of the department). Their work together over the next several decades laid an important foundation for the program we know today.

Joe's teaching has had an emphasis on design, production, theory and the history of theatre. He is an artist and mentor, a peacemaker and visionary.

Though we sense that his departure is the end of an era, the excitement with which he greets Anita Tripathi, our new assistant professor of theatrical design and technology, issues a loving reminder of his legacy. Even while he is once again a mentor, he'll be learning from her, sharpening his own skills in partnership with our new colleague.

Joe has always embraced change, and we will, too. We are grateful for this year, for those that came before, and for the future that awaits us.


marker drawing of a gray horse


by William Shakespeare  •  directed by Ann Marie Costa  •  scenic design by Joe Gardner
October 26-30  •  DFPH  •  Tickets

Perhaps Shakespeare's most popular work, this romantic comedy features a magical set of hilarious characters. Our contemporary production expresses a bold new vision where anything can happen. Just open your mind to a new rhythm!

marker drawing of a guy wearing a toboggan and smoking


by Naomi Iizuka  •  directed by Mark Sutch  •  scenic design by Anita Tripathi
November 16-20  •  The Barber Theatre  •  Tickets

Skin tells the story of a young couple working desperately to make sense of their relationship while toiling to survive. This beautiful play moves with supernatural fluidity to create a world where we can feel Fate's hand squeezing tighter and tighter.

marker drawing of a girl looking longingly out a window


by Will Eno  •  directed by Callan Gies '17
February 22-26  •  The Barber Theatre  •  Tickets

Middletown is a deeply moving and quirky contemporary play exploring the universe of a small American town. The lives of its inhabitants intersect in strange and poignant ways, from here to outer space and everything between.

musical: title tba layered with question marks


music directed by Jacque Culpepper  •  conducted by Bill Lawing  •  scenic design by anita tripathi
March 24-26 & March 31-April 2  •  DFPH  •  Tickets TBA

Though this musical is so popular that our licensing agreement prevents us from announcing its title until mid-November, we are confident that it suits the momentous occasion it marks: the conclusion of the 42-tenure of our dear Joe Gardner. Now forget your troubles. Life is beautiful.

boy holding a fish by the tail in front of him

Student Directed One-Acts I and II

One Acts I  •  April 26-27
One Acts II  •  May 3-4

These student-directed, one act plays serve as the final project for students in the Directing II and Advanced Scenic Design courses.