The Theatre Department presents theatre that matters and continues to resound beyond the performance night. We are committed to presenting theatre that stimulates the minds of our audience members while balancing the highest quality production values with material that is courageous in its content, form and execution.

Our productions are often accompanied by symposiums and talk-back discussions, which reflectively delve into the nuances of the scripted work. Productions are supported by our acting, directing, design, world theatre history and contemporary drama classes.

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Key: DFPH = Duke Family Performance Hall

2016-17 Events

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Student-directed and student-designed, these one-act plays serve as the final projects for the Directing II and Advance Scenic Design courses.

Series 1 features two one acts April 26-27, and series 2 features two more one acts May 3-4. Seating for all shows is first-come, first-seated. The house opens at 6:45 p.m.

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This biennial co-production between the theatre and music departments concluded our season, as well as the 43-year tenure of our dear Joe Gardner. At the infamous Kit Kat Klub, emcee Sally Bowles and a raucous ensemble took the stage nightly to tantalize the crowd–and to leave their troubles outside. But as life in pre-WWII Germany grew more and more uncertain, questions arose as to whether the decadent allure of Berlin nightlife would be enough to get them through their dangerous times. 

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Perhaps Shakespeare's most popular and approachable work, this romantic comedy featured a few of his favorite themes: the mystical difference between city and woods, lovers who must suffer before their happy ending, hyper-truth revealed through the play-within-a-play. And the bard ain't afraid to be a little bawdy. Likewise, this contemporary production expressed a bold vision: anything can happen if you open your mind to a new rhythm.

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Naomi Iizuka's riff on Georg Büchner's Woyzeck tells the story of a young couple working desperately to make sense of their relationship while toiling to survive. Skin moves with supernatural fluidity, creating a beautiful play in which we feel the world squeezing tighter and tighter.

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Middletown is a deeply moving and quirky contemporary play exploring the universe of a small American town. As a friendship develops between longtime resident John and new arrival Mary, the lives of the inhabitants of Middletown intersect in strange and poignant ways in a journey that takes them from the local library to outer space and points between.