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Film Class Concert with Ethan Uslan, piano

Get a taste of what an early film-going experience was like in the early twentieth century as the Davidson College Music Department presents the North Mecklenburg Nickelodeon. Nickelodeons were early storefront theaters that started to appear around 1905, and they featured a mix of short films, projected slides, and live performances. The North Mecklenburg Nickelodeon will feature musical accompaniments on piano performed by Ethan Uslan as well as an illustrated song slide with Davidson voice instructor Ilana Lubitsch. There will be an episode of a 1913 French action series called Fantômas as well as films starring Buster Keaton (The Playhouse, 1921) and Charlie Chaplin (Easy Street, 1917).


Sloan Music Center Tyler-Tallman Recital Hall

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Keith, Eric J