Career Development assists employers in finding the best students for their internship and job opportunities. If you are not sure where to begin, reach out to us, and a member of the Employer Relations team will help you with the internship or full-time recruiting process.

Kate Falconi, assistant director for employer relations, 704-894-2025 or email kafalconi@davidson.edu

Jamie Stamey, assistant director for internships, 704-894-2678 or email  jastamey@davidson.edu

Jeff Kniple, associate director for employer relations, 704-894-2491 or jekniple@davidson.edu

Sarah Williams '11, assistant director for alumni & parent engagement, 704-894-3111 or skwilliams@davidson.edu

Why Recruit at Davidson

Hundreds of companies, organizations, and graduate schools have learned the value of our students and alumni, and how they can contribute their knowledge, skills, and diverse backgrounds to various roles.

Recruit Electronically

Most full-time and internship recruiting starts through one of our many online recruiting systems. Get started with our on-campus system, Handshake, or with other easy ways to reach our students from off-campus.

Connect in Person

We have great options for reaching our students in a more personal way. On campus information sessions and interviews are easy to arrange. We may also bring our students closer to you through a unique off-campus interview consortium. Our on-campus Law School Fair consistently attracts many students and program representatives.

Support Our Students

Our closest recruiting partners work with our office throughout the year to identify and attract the right candidates to work at their companies. Consider supporting your recruiting efforts through job shadowing, the internship challenge, interview prep sessions and other methods to strengthen your profile on Davidson's campus.

Additional Information

Visiting our Office: Travel accommodations and driving directions
Recruiting Policies: The details for our policies on many issues, including prohibited postings in Handshake, recruiting and job offer guidelines, unpaid internships, and more
Recruiting Calendar: Dates to consider and those to avoid
Hiring International Students: Employment process and policies