Recruiting Calendar

On-Campus Recruiting Calendar

We thank you for your interest in recruiting and interviewing students, and welcome you to participate in on-campus recruitment and promotional activities. Please check the calendar below for some important dates. We also recommend that you consult an interfaith calendar for additional, commonly observed religious days to ensure that all students have the opportunity to attend your information session or interview.

Fall 2014

Aug. 25: First day of classes
Sept. 24-25: Rosh Hashanah (no recruiting activities held)
October 9: Sukkot (special schedule)
Oct. 10-14: Fall Break (no recruiting activities held)
Nov. 6 - Law School Fair
Nov. 24 - Nov. 30: Thanksgiving Break (no recruiting activities held)
Dec. 5: Last day for fall recruiting activities

Spring 2015

Jan. 12: First day of classes
Jan. 19: Martin Luther King Day (no recruiting activities held)
Feb. 28 - March 8: Spring Break (no recruiting activities held)
April 3-7: Easter/Passover Break (no recruiting activities held)
May 6: Last day for spring recruiting activities
May 17: Commencement