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Student Support Services

Student Life offices are readily available to help meet student needs ranging from health and safety to academic assistance. We are dedicated to the well being of every Davidson student.

Public Safety and Campus Police

Public Safety and Campus Police work with members of the college community to prevent crime, eliminate threats and ensure a safe, secure environment for all students, staff and faculty members. Hotline: 704-894-2178, Campus Police and safety escort

Student Health and Counseling Center

Davidson's student health and counseling centers provide services to all full-time students. Most are free of charge. Hotlines: 704-894-2300, Student Health Center; 704-894-2451, Student Counseling Center

Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs fosters mutual respect and understanding among - and for all - people of different cultures, backgrounds, experiences and worldviews, and helps the college achieve its stated commitment to diversity.

Students With Disabilities

Davidson College's Office of Access and Disability Resources is committed to ensuring that qualified individuals with a disability are not excluded or denied the benefits of any college programs or activities due to his or her disability.

Office of the Chaplain

The college chaplains help students from diverse religious backgrounds connect to fellowships or houses of worship in their own tradition. They are also available to students from any tradition, or none at all, for pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and program planning.

Campus Maintenance

The Davidson College Physical Plant Department is responsible for maintenance of the campus facilities, grounds, and infrastructure, as well as managing facility construction, renovation, motor pool, and employee housing programs. Hotline: 704-894-2188 (after hours: 704-894-2595)

Please contact the Dean of Students Office at 704-894-2225 for more information.