The Vice President for Finance and Administration is the chief financial officer of the college and oversees the eight broad areas listed below. The vice president also serves as the vice president and assistant secretary to the Trustees of Davidson College and is the administrative liaison to the Trustee Investment Committee and the Trustee Audit and Budget Committee.

Edward A. Kania, CPA
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Location: Chambers 1258
704-894-2125 | Fax: 704-894-2792

The following departments comprise the Division of Finance and Administration at Davidson College. For more information please visit their websites.

Auxiliary Services

Richard Terry
Location: Lower Level, Belk Residence Hall
704-894-2723 | Fax: 704-894-2543
Auxiliary Services

The Auxiliary Services Department is comprised of the College Store, the Laundry, the Guest House, Conference Services (which includes Summer Programs), CatCard Services, and Dining Services (which includes Vail Commons, the Davis Café, the Wildcat Den, and Much Ado Catering Services).  Each of these operations is self-supporting and returns net revenue to the general college budget each year. All Auxiliary operations are self-operated.

Business Services

Lori B. Gaston, CPA
Location: Jackson Court #3
704-894-2210 | Fax: 704-894-2502
Business Services

The Business Services department is responsible for accounting, banking, budgeting, copying, the contract post office, purchasing, and other financial operations of the college. Business Services is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the efficiency of Davidson's financial, purchasing, postal, and copying operations by anticipating and responding to the needs of our constituents.

Human Resources

Kim Ball
Location: Jackson Court #11
704-894-2213 | Fax: 704-894-2638
Human Resources

Human Resources supports the recruitment and retention of all college employees by offering an orientation to the institution and its policies, training and professional development programs, a wellness program, and general support for all employees.

Information Technology Services

Executive Director (position vacant)
Location: User Services Building
704-894-2672 | Fax: 704-894-2069
Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services is comprised of five service units working together to provide access to technology resources on and off campus: Administrative Computing, Computing Support, Instructional Technology, Systems and Networks, Operations and Administration. The department creates and maintains infrastructure, facilities, and services so that students, faculty, and staff can effectively apply networking, computing, and telecommunications technologies to accomplish the educational mission and business objectives of the college.

Investment Office

Ray Jacobson
Chief Investment Officer
Location: Jackson Court #8
704-894-2333 | Fax: 704-894-2792
Investment Office

College Investments works closely with the vice president and the Trustee Investment Committee to manage the endowment investments of Davidson College in such a way as to provide financial support for the college now and in the future. College Investments also manages the debt portfolio of the college in support of capital projects.

Physical Plant

David Holthouser
Location: 207 Ridge Road (McMillan Building)
704-894-2220 | Fax: 704-894-2064
Physical Plant

The Physical Plant Department is responsible for the construction, adaptation, and maintenance of the college facilities, equipment, and grounds. It accomplishes this with a facility maintenance division, a custodial maintenance division, a grounds maintenance division, a project management division, and an administrative unit responsible for various facility-related business operations.

Public Safety & Campus Police

Todd Sigler
Director of Public Safety/Chief of Campus Police
Location: Tomlinson Hall B23
Public Safety

Public Safety and Campus Police is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.


Jeff Mittelstadt
Location: Belk SB0002
Sustainability Office

The Sustainability Office catalyzes the development and implementation of policies and programs that support the triple bottom line of ecological integrity, economic prosperity, and social equity. The office strategically bridges efforts of students, faculty, staff, and the greater community to support collaborative and innovative approaches to sustainability.