Human Subjects IRB

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The role of the Davidson College Human Subjects IRB is to assure that human research subjects are treated with dignity, respect and with due regard for their welfare. All research involving the use of human research subjects must be reviewed and approved by the Davidson IRB before the research can be initiated.

Research can begin after the IRB approves the project or exempts it from further review.  A researcher may not self-determine that his or her own research project qualifies as exempt from IRB review.  To avoid delay in the commencement of research and attendant problems, students in particular should plan to submit their protocol as early in the semester as possible.

Required Training

Effective Aug. 1, 2015, Davidson College IRB will require all investigators (faculty, students and staff–anyone named as personnel on a new or existing non-exempt research project), and faculty serving as a faculty sponsor for student research projects, to complete training before conducting human subjects research.

Submitting a Protocol to the IRB

Does my project proposal need to be submitted to the IRB? (PDF)

Is my project exempt or non-exempt? (PDF)

Research Protocol Forms

IRB Application for Exempt Research (DOC)

Standard IRB Application for Non-Exempt Research (DOC)

Faculty Sponsor Assurance Form (DOC)

Sample Informed Consent/Assent Forms

Modification of an Approved Protocol (DOC)

Continuing Review/Renewal of an Approved Protocol (DOC)