• The college emphasizes understanding the world at large and prepares students for the challenges of leadership through study abroad opportunities.

  • Northeastern Thailand by Morgan Tarrant ’13

  • Kenya by Grace Cheney ’13

  • Old City Jersalem by Rosie Kosinski ’13

  • Morocco by Hannah Schorr '14

Dean Rusk International Studies Program

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International Studies Program

The Dean Rusk International Studies Program embodies Davidson's belief that knowledge of other cultures and of the social, economic, political, and scientific forces that shape our world are integral to a liberal arts education. Incorporating the offices of study abroad, international student services, and travel grants and programming, we work to give a global dimension to every aspect of a student's education.

Serving as the organizing mechanism for expanding internationalism across the Davidson experience, we encourage students to pursue an international curriculum through the college's interdisciplinary minor in international studies, interdisciplinary studies majors, study abroad programs and courses in various academic departments.