Service Leadership

Student Service Project

Many opportunities exist both on and off campus for you to take on a leadership position in support of social change, and to collaborate with other leaders to share resources and information. Also, the Center for Civic Engagement hosts events during the year to support, inform, and honor service leaders in the community.

Civic Engagement Council

In addition to pursuing a leadership role in a specific nonprofit organization, you can run for a seat on the Civic Engagement Council, which supports campus groups working for civic engagement efforts through direct service, advocacy, and community involvement. The council chair is elected through campus-wide elections held at the beginning of the spring semester, and council members apply and interview for the positions of business director and programming chair for member outreach. View the complete list student service organizations within the Civic Engagement Council. One group that works in particularly close partnership with the center is Alternative Breaks to offer service experiences over fall and spring breaks.

Federal Community Service Work Study

This program allows students who have applied for need-based aid and are eligible for work-study the opportunity to fulfill their work-study commitment by serving with a local non-profit organization. Through the program, students form valuable partnerships and gain useful experience while working with local community organizations.

The Center for Civic Engagement works with leaders at local organizations to establish responsibilities for work-study positions. Students are placed at community organizations by the Center based on community need, the student's course schedule and work-study allocation communicated by the Financial Aid Office. In addition to their weekly schedule at their community partner, students also meet monthly as a group on campus, covering a variety of skill-building topics and building community.

At the beginning of each semester, students are assigned to the Federal Community Service Work-Study program. Contact Christa Leimbach, for more information or with any questions.

Service Leaders Institute

Annually, the Center for Civic Engagement hosts a Service Leaders Institute that brings together service leaders from different organizations. The agenda varies according to the needs of the students, but the goals remain constant:

  • To gather information relevant to leadership roles
  • To share resources about leadership work
  • To talk with other leaders about ways to communicate and collaborate

Celebration of Service

The center also sponsors an annual "celebration of service" banquet honoring the work done in our community. Awards will be presented to students, faculty and staff members, and community members for outstanding leadership and service.