Meal Plans

The college meal plan provides convenient, worry-free dining at a variety of facilities located on campus. With a plan, meals are prepaid, so students don't have to worry about having cash on hand. Students simply use their CatCard at any of the campus dining facilities to purchase a meal. Students can easily check the balance on their CatCard using online resources. First-year students are required to participate in a full meal plan for the entire year. Meal plans are not transferable.

Available Meal Plans

(Rates below include the required North Carolina sales tax.)

2014-2015 Rates
Annual Semester
21 Meal Plan
($100 Dining Dollars)
$6,270 $3,135
16 Meal Plan
($300 Dining Dollars)
$6,238 $3,119
14 Meal Plan
($200 Dining Dollars)
$5,678 $2,839
10 Meal Plan
($200 Dining Dollars)
$4,524 $2,262
90 Block Meal Plan
($100 Dining Dollars)
$2,398 $1,199

Dining Dollars reside on students' CatCards as part of a specific meal plan and can be used at any Davidson College dining location, including food and drink vending machines, at any time. North Carolina state tax is applied at the time of purchase. Dining Dollars are not refundable or redeemable as cash.