• Chidsey Leadership Retreat

    Participants in Chidsey leadership programs are provided structured opportunities to reflect on and grow from their experiences.

  • Chidsey Leadership Session

    Chidsey programs and services reflect a commitment to experiential leadership development.

  • Chidsey Leadership Retreat Group

    Leadership Fellows are people who want to use their gifts and talents to make a significant difference in their communities.


Chidsey Leadership Fellows

The Chidsey Leadership Fellows program is focused on developing leaders who will make a powerful impact and who exemplify the values of Davidson College: honor, service, leadership, and respect for the dignity and worth of all people.

We bring together students who have different academic passions, community involvements, cultural backgrounds and career aspirations. We support them in developing their own approach to leadership - whether it is quiet behind the scenes leadership, charismatic leadership, collective leadership or another form of leadership. Fellows not only become better leaders themselves but they contribute to the leadership development of others across the campus.

It is our intention that Chidsey Leadership Fellows develop the ability to bring together people from a range of interests, backgrounds, and perspectives to challenge the status quo and work together for the common good. This will prepare them to be effective on campus today and in the world after commencement.

Chidsey Leadership Fellows are actively involved in developing the leadership of others. When we help others with leadership challenges, we deepen our own understanding of leadership. Chidsey Fellows contribute to the leadership learning of others in a variety of ways. Past examples include designing and delivering leadership workshops, creating resources related to leadership, and providing peer coaching and consulting to other students.

Program Elements

  • Annual Retreats give fellows opportunities to explore different aspects of leadership in depth and bond with their classmates. For example, sophomores participate in a two-day Leadership Odyssey with a focus on group management.
  • Practicing leadership in campus and community organizations gives fellows real-life opportunities to identify and address leadership challenges in their particular area of interest.
  • Fellows have the opportunity to meet successful leaders from across the country. This enables fellows to learn from the successes and mistakes of these leaders.
  • Fellows participate in group meetings where they explore leadership theories and models, analyze and reflect on leadership issues, and provide feedback and support for each other.
  • Group Projects