• Tomlinson houses 128 students as well as the Campus Police Office and a campus computer lab.

  • Irwin, Akers and Knox Halls are newly renovated and house 81 students in 49 large, single-occupancy rooms and 16 double-occupancy rooms.

  • Duke Hall is centrally located on Dorm Row and is also home to the Dean Rusk International Studies Program.

Housing Lottery

Returning students select their room and roommate(s) each spring for the upcoming year through the housing lottery. Students will receive a lottery number for housing and those with the lowest (best) lottery numbers choose first. The lottery is seniority based. Rising seniors are assured the lowest numbers, followed by juniors then sophomores.

The Honor Code and Code of Responsibility govern the lottery process. Any attempt at cheating, lying or falsifying information will be treated as an Honor Code violation. The Residence Life Office treats each student with fairness and expects students to treat their peers fairly.

Lottery Timeline

The timeline includes important dates for application deadlines, room selection, and locations. Prompt arrival is essential.

Lottery Numbers and Selection Schedule

Lottery numbers will no longer be provided to students. Learn more about lottery numbers and why the process has changed.

Special Housing Requests

Students with medical or physical needs may request special housing accommodations during the lottery process by downloading and completing a Special Housing application (DOC). This application must be submitted prior to the deadline stated in the Lottery Timeline. Please email the Residence Life Office at rlo@davidson.edu regarding any questions about special housing accommodations.

Lottery Absentee Form

By completing a Lottery Absentee Form (PDF), a student who is unable to attend selection grants permission for another student (proxy) to act on his/her behalf during the lottery. The proxy takes full responsibility for participating in selection night and securing a fall room assignment for that student. Residence Life will not be held responsible if the proxy fails to fulfill that responsibility. The designated proxy must bring the completed Lottery Absentee Form with him/herself to the selection night in order to act on that student's behalf.

Lottery Reminders

Here are some helpful reminders to ensure a successful lottery process:

  • Turn in applications on time. Late applications will be placed at the back of the stack, regardless of the applicant's lottery number. 
  • Be on time for all lottery selection nights. Arriving late puts you at the end of your selection group, regardless of your lottery number.
  • You must have a roommate to be eligible to sign up for a double room and three/four roommates to sign up for an apartment.
  • If you have questions about the lottery process, please ask before room selection on your respective night. College officials may not be available to answer all individual questions that night.