Off-Campus Housing

Davidson College is a residential college with a four-year on-campus housing requirement. Rising junior and senior students wishing to live off campus must obtain permission from the Residence Life Office by completing an off-campus housing application (DOC) by the deadline listed on the Lottery Timeline. Please note the following important information regarding off-campus applications:

  • Students currently living off-campus must re-apply for off-campus permission for the coming year. 
  • Off-campus applications must be completed and turned in to Residence Life by the application deadline.
  • Students may apply for off-campus permission as a cluster of up to five people (see below for further details).
  • Permission to live off campus will be granted in seniority-based lottery number order. Permission is limited and it is highly likely that not all applicants will receive permission.

Any student who applies for off-campus permission but does not receive it will be placed on an off-campus waitlist. Students applying after the deadline will be placed on the off-campus waitlist based on the date and time their late application was received. All students on the waitlist MUST continue through the lottery process and select an on-campus assignment for the coming year.

There is an informational meeting for students applying for off-campus permission (including those students who currently live off campus in the spring and are hoping to continue living off campus next year). See the Lottery Timeline for deadlines.

Off-Campus FAQs

Can students applying for off-campus permission cluster?
Students applying for off-campus permission may cluster in groups up to five students and may be co-ed. The average of the lottery numbers will determine the cluster's lottery selection number. All students in the cluster must sign the application. Students who are on leave or unable to sign should email Residence Life to convey their desire to be a part of the cluster.

How many students are given off-campus permission?
The number of students granted permission to live off campus each year depends on the number of students in Davidson for the fall semester, and the number of available bed spaces on campus. The college will not grant off-campus permission to a student if it results in a vacancy on campus. Off-campus permissions are given incrementally throughout the lottery process until on campus beds have been filled.

What if I don't receive permission?
Students without off-campus permission must participate in the lottery process and select an on-campus assignment. Students living off campus without the permission of the Residence Life Office are charged one semester's double room rent.

What if I will be on leave in the fall?
Students who know they will be away from campus during the fall may not participate in the regular lottery process. Students returning to campus in the spring may apply for off-campus permission during the spring housing application process, but should plan on living on campus since not all students who apply are granted off campus permission.