Arts & Leisure Organizations

Find new ways to work on your favorite craft, expand a hobby, enjoy some playful competition, or learn a new skill in any of our student-led clubs.

Ars Longa

Ars Longa seeks to facilitate students of all academic disciplines in creating works of visual art and promoting visual arts events campus-wide. Ars Longa has hosted renowned artists to campus, organized student photography exhibitions, held weekly figure-drawing classes, and offered off-campus ceramic workshops. The club also maintains the darkroom, located in the basement of Belk Visual Arts Center.

Backgammon Club

Play backgammon against Davidson club members and members of clubs at other schools.

Baking Club

Davidson Baking Club provides opportunities and materials for baking on campus, to promote interest and awareness of baking, and to provide an occasion for the student body to learn and implement different baking techniques on a regular basis.

Bee Club

Davidson College Bee Club allows students, faculty, and staff to have fun by familiarizing themselves with honeybees and the practice of beekeeping, using the beehives on campus as learning tools.

Believing Everyone Should Try (BEST)

Volunteers are paired one-on-one with physically and/or developmentally challenged youth to take lessons in a variety of recreational activities, such as soccer and dance. Sessions take place once a week for about an hour.

Bridge Club

Practice playing bridge with other club members, or learn to play.

Cycling Club

Join road and mountain bike group rides, learn more about cycling, and get help with bike repairs.

Davidson Sports Marketing Association

Work with other students to improve attendance at Davidson athletic events and promote the school's athletics program in the community.

Foosball Club

Play in small, weekly matches against other club members as well as local, intercollegiate tournaments. Players at all skill levels are welcome. Visit the club's website [!about-us].

Knitting Society

Join fellow knitters, crocheters and other stitchers to make projects serve local and world communities. The club meets once a week in the Union for an hour to discuss projects, get instruction, and stitch together. All levels are welcome and club meetings include lessons for those who have never knitted before.

P.S. Student Run Restaurant

A student-run restaurant dedicated to presenting, entertaining and educational, or sometimes just purely fun meals. Students learn to cook, other organizations benefit in kind, and Davidson students have a transcendent evening.

Running Club

Running Club provides students with an opportunity to pursue, or to initiate, a love of running outside the established varsity teams, while still fostering a sense of "togetherness."

Sportsmen's Society

Connect with men and women on campus who hunt or fish and promote wildlife education, conservation and ethics.

Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)

Share ideas and work to promote achievement in academics and athletics among varsity athletes.