Contact a Student

Each year, a number of our seniors are selected to serve as senior admission fellows. We encourage you to send questions to for a student-oriented perspective on the admission process and Davidson life. 

Use the information provided about home state, major, and extracurricular activities when selecting which student to contact.

Alex Baggott
 Blue Ash, Ohio
Major: English and Classics
Co-curricular involvements:  Writing Center Tutoring, Latin and Greek AT, Catholic Campus Ministry, Davidson Perspectives
Tip for visiting students: Find a class in a discipline that you're interested in and sit in on a session. Most professors are very accommodating to visiting students, and this will give you a good sense about how day-to-day classes work in that subject. Plus it allows you to meet some of the professors you might have if you attend Davidson.
Just for fun: I was chosen to be an audience volunteer for the Blue Man Group in New York City!

Emily Davidson
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major: Political Science
Concentration: East Asian Studies 
Co-curricular involvements: Women's Leadership Conference, Half the Sky
Tip for visiting students: Take advantage of the opportunity to be on campus. You can learn about the facts and figures online sitting at home. A campus visit is the time to get a feel for the students, the faculty, and the town. College will become your home away from home, so pick somewhere that will help you feel secure and comfortable while also pushing you to grow as a student and person. While not the easiest thing to do in a 75-minute tour, keep these goals in mind and make an effort to remember how you felt, not just the features you liked.
Just for fun: Young adult fantasy books are my favorite guilty pleasure.

Mary Dombrowski
Hometown: Hillsborough, N.J.
Major: English
Co-curricular involvements:  Club Crew, one of Davidson's original social halls, independent humanities research
Tip for visiting students: Try to attend a class. Even if you're visiting on a really busy day, try to get into a small class (under 10) to know how that Davidson experience would feel.
Just for fun: Last summer, I got funding from Davidson to analyze the qualitative and quantitative linguistic progression of BuzzFeed (i.e., "Why do all the articles sound like they're written by the same person? Has it always been that way?"), and I managed to loop in some postmodern theory and humor theory as well.

Crisanta Hovet
Hometown: Clarksville, Md.
Major: Economics and Political Science
Co-curricular involvements:  Presidential Scholar, Eating House Ambassador, PCC Executive Board, Rusk Eating House, Club Lacrosse, Dance Ensemble
Tip for visiting students: The Davidson community encompasses some of the most genuine and caring people I have met. Try to meet and talk to as many of these people as you can when you visit. Students are always happy to share their experiences, and there are so many different opportunities for students to help each other succeed. I also encourage visiting students to do an overnight visit in the fall or spring. It's the best way to actively learn about student life.
Just for fun: I was originally left-handed, but now I am right-handed.

Elizabeth Humphrey
Hometown: Pelham, N.Y.
Major: Psychology
Co-curricular involvements: Connor Eating House, Buddy Club, Women's Club Lacrosse
Tip for visiting students: Visiting colleges can be a very overwhelming experience. With every college, ask yourself if you could see yourself fitting in for the next four years. Talk to students, sit in on a class, and definitely try the food.
Just for fun: I live in the house my mom grew up in.

Jennie Kaplan
Hometown: Needham, Mass.
Major: History
Co-curricular involvements: Chidsey Leadership Fellow, Social Chair of Connor Eating House
Tip for visiting students: Explore the town. Walk down Main Street and check out some of the local restaurants and businesses. Davidson has a lot of charm and is a wonderful place to spend four years. Also be sure to check out the on campus location of Summit Coffee. Summit is a great place to get a sense of our campus culture.
Just for fun: My favorite movie is Jiro Dreams of Sushi.