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  • Annie Merrill with students in the outdoors

    Professor Annie Merrill teaches students about deserts from multiple perspectives, and through approaches both humanistic and scientific.

  • Brad Johnston Out West

    Students can travel to Colorado with professor Brad Johnson to examine the timing of large landslides in the San Juan Mountains.

  • Professor Graham Bullock and students in a local grocery store

    Professor Graham Bullock takes students to a local grocery store to research environmental friendliness of products.

  • Environmental Studies research

    Environmental studies majors design and propose independent projects that demonstrate both knowledge and skills of interdisciplinary environmental studies.

  • Dune Research in Northern Michigan

    Emma Fulop '15 and Kelsey Krueger '14 map the Green Point Dune Complex in northern Michigan to determine the relative ages of various dunes.

Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Department offers both a major and an interdisciplinary minor, and a wide range of courses and opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research.

The major provides overview courses, breadth and depth components, and a capstone project in the senior year. The interdisciplinary minor gives students a broad exposure to a range of environmental issues.

Both the major and the interdisciplinary minor use multiple disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in addressing the complexity of environmental studies today, from local concerns to national policies to global issues and their solutions. A diverse faculty facilitates a problem-solving approach to environmental challenges with significant exposure beyond the classroom, in field and laboratory settings, internships, and international research contexts.

If you are interested in additional information about Environmental Studies, please email Prof. Brad Johnson at, department chair.